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engage: SciBar – The Science of Gossip

This month’s fascinating SciBar talk is brought to you by Dr Jenny Cole, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Manchester Met:

The Science of Gossip: Why we love it and why we need it  

Conventional wisdom dictates that we should not engage in ‘idle chatter’ or gossip, and that being labelled a gossip is something we should avoid at any cost. However, contemporary views of gossip in psychology highlight gossip as an important evolutionary tool; one which holds our social groups together and oils the wheels of social interaction. This talk aims to introduce listeners to psychological research which provides evidence that gossip is a complex communication tool that we may want to keep.

This event will take place on Monday 27th February from 5:30pm onwards. The talk will last around 45 mins, with a quick break before a question and answer session and the chance for further discussion while enjoying a few drinks in the cosy settings of the Lass O’Gowrie pub. No scientific background needed, just turn up and join in!

Amy Clow
Enterprise Officer
Faculty Student and Academic Services