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A&H Graduate School – Pre-Launch Events

I’d like to draw your attention to the opportunity for staging events, talks, prestigious external speakers, exhibitions for PGRs. Perhaps, student-led and with PGT. I’d like to package them up as pre-launch festival for the GS in May/June/July with a view to giving the GS a higher profile both inside and outside the university with the added aim of generating an increase in recruitment.

There will be an Event Generator on 22nd at 12.30 in Righton, which interested PGRs and staff should attend. If anyone with a proposal or a projected event could also come along they can act as a catalyst for other events. There is a budget. Be ambitious.

Events so far suggested which could fall within the pre-launch embrace apart from Testing Time all come from HLSS. These are Gothic, Social Media, Writing Workshops (run by a recently conferred PhD candidate from English); Feminism in Public; Space/Place (could be of direct interest to MSA).

Staff should please discuss with PGRs and interested PGTs.

I would very much like to support these events, perhaps with a view to giving them something of a profile by inviting a prestigious external speaker, for example. I’d like to build a portfolio of such events (which needn’t be singular) for May/June.

Plesase contact Myna Trustram, Research Degrees Associate, Manchester School of Art with Expressions of Interest (Note that Myna is away until the 23rd March). We will arrange a meeting with interested parties some time after that. 

Professor Jim Aulich
Head of Arts and Humanities Graduate School