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Arts & Health Research Group Events


We are looking for a small group of Manchester School of Art staff and post-graduate students from different disciplines to work collaboratively with colleagues from the Department of Nursing and the National HIV Nurses Association and people living with HIV. 

The last government HIV awareness campaign in the UK was 30 years ago, and times have changed. We want to develop a contemporary public health campaign that is neither stigmatising or negatively sensational, based on knowledge, not misinformation and which challenges and informs. It might span a range of media and will be visual, bold and informed.

On the afternoon of March 22nd, we’ll be holding our first experimental workshop to explore ideas, which we will develop over future sessions. There are very limited places available to take part in this work, and to find out more, and how to submit an expression of interest, email artsforhealth@mmu.ac.uk 

Recoverism and the Arts: driving change through collaborative research 

Manchester Met is developing ground-breaking research agendas, exploring the complexity of substance use – disorder and recovery.  This free one-day event, a collaboration between the Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours Research Group (SUAB), the Arts and Health Research Group and Portraits of Recovery (PORe), is developing research around the vital role that the arts and culture can play in the lives of people and communities affected by or in recovery from addiction. The event will showcase pioneering projects and artists that encompass local, national and European projects and will facilitate an exploration of future, more inclusive, interdisciplinary research collaborations with cultural partners.

HOLD THE DATE: Tuesday 25th April at The Manchester School of Art.

More details soon.