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Random Archive

The Random Archive is a collaborative exhibition project taking place over 2 sites, Bury Art Museum, and MMU Special Collections Gallery. Curated by Susan Lord and Dr. Hannah Allan, the Random Archive exhibition features the work of national and international Language Artists which is part of Bury Art Museum’s unique Text Art Archive. Random Archive attempts to push boundaries by questioning how an archive can be viewed, accessed and explored. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to get up close in a gallery setting to a collection which is usually kept in store, the public will be encouraged to ...

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Sam Colling: The Aesthetic Pleasures of Girl Teen Film

Congratulations to Dr. Sam Colling – Lecturer in Film and Media at Manchester School of Art and Research Degrees Development Tutor in the Arts and Humanities Graduate School – whose new book, ‘The Aesthetic Pleasures of Girl Teen Film’, is due for release this July published by Bloomsbury. Sam is a recently conferred MIRIAD Ph.D. and this book, seven years in the making, is next stage development of her PhD research project. About ‘The Aesthetic Pleasures of Girl Teen Film’ What is ‘fun’ about the Hollywood version of girlhood? Through re-evaluating notions of pleasure and fun, The Aesthetic Pleasures of Girl Teen Film forms a study ...

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