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Adopt a Slide: a participatory artwork

The Visual Resources Centre at Manchester School of Art is under imminent threat of closure. This outstanding visual and material resource, comprising 300,000 slides, documents over 50 years of responding to the needs and interests of teaching staff and students. Adopt a Slide is a blog-based participatory artwork designed to collect responses to the slide collection, in an attempt to demonstrate the unique potential of this resource as a physical entity. In a digital world, analogue technologies take on a different meaning and purpose. We believe they are more than just their digital equivalents. This is your chance to contribute ...

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FEAST – Call for Contributions

Laura Mansfield is currently undertaking a Ph.D. at MIRIAD researching the Island as a model for staging contemporary art beyond the gallery. She is developing the publication project FEAST. Feast is a publication project assembling writings that explore our relationship with food as a social event, a marker of identity, a product of history and a commodity for trade. The publications combine articles on contemporary arts practices with recipes, food histories and literary narratives in an eclectic mix that serves to explore, highlight and question the varied roles food and its associated practices hold within our everyday. To date three printed ...

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Lost and Found

A collaborative project by postgraduate researchers in MIRIAD Findings are central to the research process. But what exactly are they? How do you know what you are looking for until you have found it? What happens if you don’t? Or you find something else? What will it do to you – and conversely, you to it? Are there ‘losings’ as well as ‘findings’? Eight postgraduate researchers from MIRIAD have been exploring some of these questions. Sharing practice and theory, the personal and the academic, they have been reflecting on the nature of research and where it takes you. Knowledge, process, ...

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Tacit e-journal + blog

Tacit is a new e-journal and blog dedicated to debating and documenting new approaches to arts research practice, especially those enabled by evolving digital technology. The e-journal will offer opportunities to submit papers, experimental academic writing and practice-led research. As part of its commitment to exploring new approaches, Tacit will use an online open peer review system to edit and select work for publication. Although it is primarily a digital publication, the e-journal will be accompanied by a limited edition print version. The e-journal will be supported by a blog which will be a point of focus for reviewers, authors ...

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