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Expression of Interest: Kurt Schwitters & The Merz Barn & DA Da Land

Further to recent e-mail with regards the Merz Barn, please find attached further information. Essentially a bit of a call out for interested parties, really just to initially register an expression of interest, with the aim of developing an MMU Merz Collective to work in collaboration with the Merz North Collective. Please spread the word and feel free to e-mail back if interested or have any thoughts/ideas, thank you.

The research proposal is to further develop the already established relationship with The Merz Barn and the Littoral Trust. The vision is to formalise this relationship, as a faculty wide resource and work with the various organisations, partners and funders involved, to establish a rural studio, a rural zone of experimentation for design and research led projects, combined with fabrication and ultimately the realisation of the whole scheme. The output being to establish MMU as a key member of the custodians of the Merz Bau & the Kurt Schwitters legacy in England and to become partners in the delivery of the proposed 75th anniversary celebrations in 2021/22.

There is a long way to go but the trust is currently involved in an international fundraising campaign to complete the restoration work on the Merz Barn site and to create an endowment fund to support future capital works, public, educational and artistic programmes.

Dominic  Sagar
Senior Lecturer
Manchester School of Architecture