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Facilitated writing retreat for staff and postgrads – 15th June

You are invited to take part in a one day writing retreat / workshop, aimed at staff and postgraduate students at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, working in areas of gender and sexuality. The workshop is facilitated and will include time for networking, but each participant will work on their own writing. The workshop is part of a long-term collaborative initiative between MMU (led by Dr Adi Kuntsman) and Lancaster University; it is a first event in what hopefully will become a recurrent training and writing support. The workshop follows a set model and will be facilitated by Dr Debra Ferreday from Lancaster University.

When: 15 June, 9am-5pm
Where: Chancellors Hotel, Fallowfield
Registration: attendance is free but places are limited – signing up means commitment to show up and participate throughout the event.
If interested, please email Adi Kuntsman a.kuntsman@mmu.ac.uk by June 1st with a few lines of information about your research and the writing you will be working on.

Further information

This writing retreat aims to promote a sustainable approach to academic writing. At this one-day event, participants will write as a group in structured sessions, using time in between sessions to set goals, reflect on progress, and take breaks.

The model we will use draws on the approach generated by Rowena Murray, aiming to create dedicated writing time and build collegiality, creating a space for emerging and established academics to share good practice: as she has argued, this is crucial since publishing is a ‘mainstream academic activity’, but one that is often sidelined or taken for granted. Following Murray and Newton’s (2009) model of retreat as ‘intervention’, the event will encourage researchers to work as a community of practice. This is likely to be exacerbated in gender and sexuality research, which can involve dealing with difficult material while dealing with the isolation and stresses of an academic career. This event thus aims at generating formal and informal networks to support outstanding research in gender and sexuality studies.

Further details of the approach we will take, including participant feedback, can be found at http://www.anchorage-education.co.uk/#