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HiP: ‌Shelagh Delaney’s Places: Double Bill Screening – 17th June

Shelagh Delaney’s Places: Double Bill Screening
17th June, 12pm – 6pm, Number 70 Oxford St
Tickets: Free, and available at: https://delaney-double-bill.eventbrite.com

This special one off double bill screening is part of the 2016/17 Humanities in Public Festival on the theme of ‘Greater Manchester and Northern Identity’

The event will present films of two screenplays by Salford-born Shelagh Delaney: her masterpiece, ‘A Taste of Honey’ (Dir. Tony Richardson, 1961) and the lesser known ‘Charlie Bubbles’ (Dir. Albert Finney, 1967).

The films will be preceded with an introductory talk by Manchester Modernist Stephen Marland, and will be followed by a specially convened panel of Delaney enthusiasts.

We will be paying particular attention to the sense of place conveyed by both films. In their locations they are fascinating mirror images, six fast-paced 60s years apart. Both films feature the Salford slums (before and after clearance) Piccadilly Gardens (from soot blackened Victoria to the building of the Plaza) and the wild spaces of Derbyshire (the semi-mythic land of the Manchester Rambler). The changes wrought in the landscapes are reflected in the style of the films, from kitchen sink black and white to colourful and kitsch psychedelia, but always shot through with Delaney’s mournful and elegaic sense of longing and loss.

Seeing these films back-to-back on the big screen is an experience not to be missed, and we highly recommend you attend the whole event! The event is free and open to all (Films are rated Cert 12 and PG respectively). We are hoping to open the cafe however please feel free to bring your own refreshments.

Panel members:

  • Stephen Marland is a photographer, researcher, writer, blogger, Manchester Modernist and explorer. He is widely exhibited and published.
  • David Wilkinson is Lecturer in English at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is the author of Post-Punk, Politics and Pleasure in Britain (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).
  • Hayley Flynn is a writer, curator and tour guide. Winner of Best Arts and Culture Blog in the UK (2014) and formerly the UK’s only City Curator (National Trust). She specialises is cities and has written for The Guardian.
  • Zorian Clayton is from Manchester via the south coast. He works as an assistant curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum and his research specialises in 19th and 20th century paper ephemera, printmaking, and queer history.

Running Order:

  • 12 noon – Introduction to the day from David Wilkinson
  • 12.05 – Talk by Stephen Marland
  • 12.30 – A Taste of Honey
  • 2.30pm – Break
  • 3.00pm – Charlie Bubbles
  • 4.30pm – Break
  • 4.45pm – Panel discussion and Q&A
  • 6pm – close