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Mary Stark – Cassette and Digital Release of Live Film Performance: Ghosts of Industries Past


Fractal Meat Cuts has recently released a recording of one of my film performances, a very special one because it was the first time I explored sound and film performance. Perhaps you were there in the audience? 

Summoning Ghosts of Industries Past rouses distant voices and clanking whirring obsolete machines amongst the dusty rafters and uneven floorboards of a former cotton mill in the city centre of Manchester. Loops of 16mm film showing men and women working in textile factories were given a live soundscape of industrial weaving machinery and songs relating to work with cloth and thread. Part of the performance involved mixing live with 16mm film loops of moving images and optical sounds created from fabric, stitch and thread. In addition to optical sound, the performance repeatedly emphasised sound as a physical, material format: I sang a Lace Tell and played the keyboard, as well as playing songs on vinyl records and a dub plate recording of weaving machinery at Quarry Bank Mill. The event was hosted by the Manchester based Film Material collective and took place on 26th February 2015. 

 Fractal Meat Cuts is a label run by Graham Dunning for short run and handmade releases. Started for self-releases, moving through collaborations, 2016 marked a move to releasing recordings made by other artists as well.

This release is available as a limited edition cassette with a digital download or as a digital download alone. The sound recordings come with typewritten programme notes which I’ve attached as they give a personal insight into the performance and the ideas I was interested in exploring.