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Open Call – Creative Provocations – 31st May

Creative Provocations
Wednesday, 31 May 2017, 3.30 – 5pm
Righton Open Space

Provocation is the causing of a strong reaction, often from speech or action. This reaction, although equated in some contexts with annoyance or anger, is a deliberate intent to provoke an audience to sit up, listen and take note.

A provocation can be useful.

We want to encourage the use of the provocation as a way to explore our research questions and interests. Staff and students are invited to fill a two – ten minute slot with a chosen provocation, addressed to the audience to unpick, counter or solve.

The provocation can be presented in a multitude of formats: a performance, speech, demonstration, film or action, often creatively weaved or informed. Once the provocation is given, the audience must provide answers and counterpoints, rather than proceeding with questions.

Provocation slots are open to all research degree students, masters students and staff in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Contact Gemma (gemma.k.meek@stu.mmu.ac.uk) if you’d like to book a slot. Please include a title and short summary about your provocation (250 words max). The provocations are also filmed for online use, please indicate if you would prefer to opt out of this.