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MIRIAD Research Degree Handbook 2015-2016


Submitting your thesis/ work to Turnitin – updated link

If you want to submit your work to Turnitin to check that there are no issues with citations, reference or quotes the resource is now in the  Research Students 15/16 area at http://moodle.mmu.ac.uk/mod/turnitintool/view.php?id=899555 

You can submit your whole thesis or you can choose to submit individual chapters or any other work-in-progress. There is no limit to the number of times you can submit, but you can only submit once in any 24-hour period.

In the Turnitin resource area you will find guidelines on how to submit (including if your thesis is larger than 20mb) and how to access and understand the originality report that Turnitin produces.

If you have any issues accessing Moodle or submitting your work to Turnitin  contact me at c.smith@mmu.ac.uk.

Theses searches – Dr. Philip Sykas

As a result of discussions with Mary Pickstone, she has massively upgraded the Theses searches available through the Library Online site.  The web address is http://libguides.mmu.ac.uk/theses.  It can also be reached in an somewhat obscure way by clicking on ‘Online’, and then on a button that says ‘All’ which brings up a list in which ‘Theses’ appears.  If you try to reach it in the normal way through the Researcher User Guide, you still get the old abbreviated theses list.  So students probably need to place the new link in their ‘Favourites’ so they have easy access.

Grant Writing 

The 7 Deadly Sins of Grant Writing – http://blog.globalacademyjobs.com/grant-writing-goes-bad/#.WNoLsnlytzs.email

via Berthold Schoene, Faculty Head of Research and Knowledge Exchange

Intellectual Property Rights

Exceptions to copyright: An Overview

Exceptions to copyright: Education and Teaching

Exceptions to copyright: Research

Exceptions to copyright: Guidance for creators and copyright owners