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Ways of Unlearning – 5th July

We welcome you to Ways of unlearning, a research initiative that aims to examine practices and processes of knowledge production.

How can we challenge academic and institutional ways of learning? When learning takes place between dominant structures and personal experiences, between learners and educators, how can we begin to question it, from within?

Ways of unlearning aims to formulate questions rather than provide clear answers. The goal is to let go and encounter the unexpected, to open-up known and unknown spaces of enquiry and to experiment with non-linear learning processes, and others not yet defined.

Ways of unlearning invites ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ from across the humanities, the sciences, and the arts, to a series of events and explorations that will begin on the 5th of July and will continue in the autumn. The hope, is that by providing an open forum for sharing ideas, objects, images, texts and sounds, Ways of unlearning will unfold the politics of learning and simultaneously foster their unlearning.

The first event brings together two groups of research and sound theorists and practitioners, to explore ways of unlearning, through the medium of sound.

AUDINT (Toby Heys, Steve Goodman/ kode9, Eleni Ikoniadou, Patrick Defasten, Souzanna Zamfe) investigate the ways in which ultrasonic, sonic, and infrasonic frequencies are deployed to modulate psychological and physiological states.Their presentation will extrapolate on these ideas with a brief historical overview of a spectral archive that stretches from 1944 to 2064; from the Ghost Army to the Wandering Soul strategy; from phantom sonic economies to the Walking Dead Syndrome; from exhumed holographic rappers to holosonic warfare. This a period that they refer to as a century of zombie sound. http://audint.net

NOISE Orchestra (Vicky Clarke and David Birchall), use light, analogue electronics, turntables and graphical scores to turn images and objects into noise; a process termed graphical sound. Inspired by the radical spirit of the 1920s Russian avant-garde and by artists such as Arseny Avraamov — the inventor of graphical sound and ultra chromatism — as well as by the noise machines of Evgeny Sholpo and Leon Theremin, NOISE Orchestra investigate the interplay of light, materials and sound. https://noiseorchestra.org

Wednesday 5th July
16:30 – 19:00

Righton Building, 1st floor open space
Cavendish Street, All Saints Campus, Manchester M15 6BG

Ways of unlearning is part of the Prologue programme @ Faculty of Arts & Humanities Manchester Metropolitan University

You can sign up for the event here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ways-of-unlearning-tickets-35692388896

For more information on Ways of unlearning: https://waysofunlearning.wordpress.com